Electric Guitar: Maintenance And Cleaning Kit

The maintenance of the guitar is something quite important. Guitars are expensive, and you have to give them the care they need to keep them in the best possible condition. Also, if it is done on a regular basis, it should not take too much time, and over the years, you will appreciate it.

The kit that I recommend is the one I have, and the truth is that I am quite happy with it.

The guitar case contains various accessories for your guitar:

  • 8 Allen keys.
  • Rope winder.
  • Pliers to cut the strings.
  • String and neck cleaner/lubricant.
  • Guitar cleaner.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Rope action measuring ruler.

I use everything from the case, but what has surprised me the most is the string cleaner. Before using it, I thought there was a bit of filler coming in, but after using it, I was quite surprised for good. If you don’t believe it, here is a photo I took of the cleaning part after 2 uses.

Think that that dirt was on my strings and probably will be on yours.

Every few days, I pass him the cloth from the kit along with the cleaner, and the guitar is in perfect condition again.

By the way, both the string cleaner/lubricator and the guitar cleaner are sold separately in case you want one of these products but don’t want to buy the entire kit.

There is also a complete kit, which also includes a tuner, a slide, a capo, a screwdriver, and picks, but it is worth almost double, and I see it a little worse in relation to value for money:

Fast fret

This product is the one with the best reviews, and probably if I had to buy one, I would buy this one. Although like the one that comes in the kit works correctly for me, I have not bought it.

On the other hand, there is also a string cleaner to use more frequently. To get the best care of the strings, the idea is to wipe this cleaner every time we stop playing the guitar.

Mini amplifier

If you want to practice with the guitar without disturbing your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, roommates, or neighbors, an amplifier of this type will save your life. There are amplifiers of various brands, but the most successful of all is the one manufactured by the famous Vox that I put below:

This product delivers a good quality sound and impresses with the possibilities of effects it offers: tremolo, chorus, delay or reverb, and at various levels.

On the other hand, there are 7 different models to adapt to the needs of each guitarist: Top Boost, Classic Rock, Metal, Bass, Clean, Blues, or Lead.

Among all the guitar accessories, this is the best gift for a guitarist who is just starting out and lives wall to wall with you.